Facebook’s Sponsored Stories 101


Now while Facebook has realized its money minting potential, it has reshaped its entire system and made the social network revolve around the whole concept of advertising. Facebook’s new policies suggested that your post reaches not more than 10 to 15% of its fan base thus encouraging people to sponsor their posts in order to increase their visibility among the people who have subscribed to the page for its newsfeed.


The question that now arises is what is a story? It is a description of an action that a person carries out on facebook. For eg: X likes a page Y or X likes Z’s photo Sponsoring these stories makes the post appear on the person’s friends’ newsfeed (not the small ads that appear to the right of the screen in Facebook but actually camouflaged in the newsfeed) – the ones who are most relevant. As we all know the one true story about humans, we wouldn’t want to try something unless we get an influencer or a friend’s opinion, the same goes here. When a person sees that a friend has liked a particular post and it something that is related to their interests, it will surely catch their attention. Thus leading to a like or a share as per what the person chooses.

A story can be the page itself, an application that is created to build a rich user experience or the posts from the page itself. Sponsoring stories is a good way to generate traffic towards your page but there are other factors to be taken care. The posts and stories should be relevant to your business apart from being entertaining. This is the key factor to engage the audience with your business and brand and make them aware of your services.


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