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Facebook’s Sponsored Stories 101


Now while Facebook has realized its money minting potential, it has reshaped its entire system and made the social network revolve around the whole concept of advertising. Facebook’s new policies suggested that your post reaches not more than 10 to 15% of its fan base thus encouraging people to sponsor their posts in order to increase their visibility among the people who have subscribed to the page for its newsfeed.


The question that now arises is what is a story? It is a description of an action that a person carries out on facebook. For eg: X likes a page Y or X likes Z’s photo Sponsoring these stories makes the post appear on the person’s friends’ newsfeed (not the small ads that appear to the right of the screen in Facebook but actually camouflaged in the newsfeed) – the ones who are most relevant. As we all know the one true story about humans, we wouldn’t want to try something unless we get an influencer or a friend’s opinion, the same goes here. When a person sees that a friend has liked a particular post and it something that is related to their interests, it will surely catch their attention. Thus leading to a like or a share as per what the person chooses.

A story can be the page itself, an application that is created to build a rich user experience or the posts from the page itself. Sponsoring stories is a good way to generate traffic towards your page but there are other factors to be taken care. The posts and stories should be relevant to your business apart from being entertaining. This is the key factor to engage the audience with your business and brand and make them aware of your services.


Social Media Predictions for 2013


“You can’t tiptoe into social media. You have to jump into the pool. People have a natural fear of it. But the scary part is not being there. Your customer is already there”

– Dave Saunders,

Brands, whether big or small have come to realize this and have started being a part of this so called fad which is surely here to stay. 2012 blew our minds with success stories of Pinterest and the Facebook IPO. Here is a list of what to expect in 2013!

  • Shift to visual marketing with rise of Pinterest and Instagram

    Image2013 will be the year when companies will realize the importance of visuals with their content and the ones that do it right will be the ones that can break through the clutter and create maximum impact. Brands will need to know what is needed to give quality visual content, whether it is on their current social networks like Facebook or emerging communities like Pinterest and Instagram.

  • Importance of G+

ImageBrands will soon realize the importance of Google Plus – not because of the social element but for the very fact that it is a Google Product and it will be the base for organizing your presence in Google and the various services that come with the package. With 500 million subscribers to Google plus within a span of two short years, shows the great potential yet to be uncovered within it.

  • Rise of Mobile Internet


In India, with the rise of the smartphone era and the ever reducing 3g rates, there is a constant rise in the use of internet via mobile phones. Also, the tech savvy generation which grew up with the media and all the gadgets around them has finally come of age. India has recorded 300 million cell phone users in the country and this number will only increase. Hence brands should adapt to creating and strategizing their messages around this aspect

  • Companies Will Shift The Focus Away From Facebook


Although Facebook is a good tool to communicate with the masses, there are

plenty of other options out there. According to a research by Raymond James, in 2012, 31% of 18 to 29 year olds are gradually option out of Facebook and migrating to other social networks in the U.S. This trend still has a little time to catch up in India but it surely will over time. To broaden their reach, brands will have to adapt to these circumstances and will have to integrate the different social media according to their needs and audiences.

  • Falling in love with email again


With inboxes swamped with tons of unread information, we are used to being fed with information which is conveniently ignored and filtered out as spam. However, e-mails are still an important means of communication with the increase of smartphones and access to emails on the go, there is a lot of impact that it can create. The main reason behind using email subscription is building up a database which will be more specific to your target audience. A person can subscribe to these emails and keep himself in the loop.

  • Integration of e-commerce with Social media

ImageThe growth in ecommerce over the years has been of intense. It has been adopted by all businesses – big or small and has made it convenient for selling products over the internet. It will be amazing to see Social media giants like Facebook and a few others complete the missing link and integrate ecommerce with their network, thus making sales all the more convenient for businesses as well as purchases for customers.

What happened when Chinese Democracy ruled over India


Guns N Roses, on their tour of India visited Mumbai and finally Mumbai had her first gig in many years! We managed to attend the gig too! Here are some images from the gig for all those who missed it!

Passes Courtesy Lipton Ice Tea, the official drink of the tour.Image











One medal per 383 million Indians- Story of Indian Olympics


While India has come a long way from a lone athlete participation in 1900 to an 83-member contingent in 2012, our medal tally remains abysmally low.

India is the ninth largest economy, has the second largest population, is the biggest democracy and is amongst the oldest nations in history. Despite being a regular participant since 1900, the total medal tally is still in the 20’s.

While most say juxtaposing our 24 medals with the 2500 medals won by USA might be unfair given the economic consideration, but it is it is noteworthy that poorer countries like North Korea, Ethiopia and Kenya regularly outperform India.

At the 2008 Beijing Olympics India had the lowest ratio of medals-won to population of any competing country: one medal per 383 million Indians.

Thus there is no consensus, no obvious explanation, no single unified theory explaining India’s continued underperformance in the Olympics.

We may blame the government for the lack of a China-like campaign galvanizing national talent; the federations for their lackadaisical approach; the larger Indian community for not giving its kids a shot at athletic glory; or even the athletes for lacking desire to achieve the intoxicating combination of nation pride and personal fulfillment, but the fact of the matter is that while being proud of Mary Kom and the others, 24 medals over 112 years is a shameful figure. We can’t have a handful of sportspersons shouldering the whole nations Olympic hopes and dreams.

Don’t be a Cynic. Don’t call it Aping the West!


It isn’t just the Shiv Sena fervently opposing the celebrations of Mother’s, Father’s, Friendship’s and Valentines day, they aren’t only the Islamic fanatics inundating the internet with Facebook posts and videos boycotting these “west-morphed traditions”, but astonishingly a whole new class of people around me declaring their necessity void.

While I’ve outgrown tying Friendship’s bands, or making cards on Grandparents day, I still can’t warp my head around the fact that what the very essence of what we looked forward to as kids is lost. Don’t pass them of by products of Archies and Hallmark-the Retailers of Emotions, as they are often called, but take it as an opportunity to message a friend you’ve been longing to text, but didn’t know how to begin; grandparents whom you know you don’t call as often as you ought to; or just celebrate love, not hate, in what ever way – like the Pakistan Youth Alliance, who rally to show their love for Pakistan on 14th February.

Celebrities and Cyber Space


Blogging for most is a momentary respite from everyday drudgery, a virtual escape, a fleeting interlude. But in just my first week of blogging, I have come to realize that regularity isn’t easy, and making it an everyday affair- Well, possible but highly improbable.

Celebrity blogs and tweets albeit take us as close to them as can possibly be, yet are so distant from reality. While blogging for some last for the brief while conveniently coinciding with their promotional activities (read Salman Khan); others seem suspiciously regular (and well worded) despite their supposed hectic schedule.

While I may cynically hammer away my skepticism, I cannot deny being *mildly* intrigued and regularly *stumbling* upon a few:

Olympics Get “A Taste Of India”



Olympics Get “A Taste Of India”

Amul is known to be extremely prompt with their ad campaign, never missing out on a contemporary issue. Unfailingly, Amul covered the Olympics with equal fervor.

1. The Sponsors of the Indian Olympic team, Amul has wished the Indian team to target gold medals. The Ad reads ‘On Your Maska, Get Set! Gold

2. Amul has never shied away from taking on political controversies either. The Suresh Kalmadi- Ajay Maken Olympic issue being another one-

3. Amul on the brouhaha about the “Mystery Woman” in red, who marched with the Indian team during the London Olympics opening ceremony, along side Sushil Kumar-

4. Amul congratulating shooter Gagan Narang who became India’s first Olympics medalist at the 2012 Games-

5. Their latest ad is dedicated to MC Mary Kom, India’s first woman boxer to win an Olympic medal. Mary Kom won a bronze medal at the London Olympics in the 51-kg category and won a billion hearts.

-Medha Uniyal