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Don’t be a Cynic. Don’t call it Aping the West!


It isn’t just the Shiv Sena fervently opposing the celebrations of Mother’s, Father’s, Friendship’s and Valentines day, they aren’t only the Islamic fanatics inundating the internet with Facebook posts and videos boycotting these “west-morphed traditions”, but astonishingly a whole new class of people around me declaring their necessity void.

While I’ve outgrown tying Friendship’s bands, or making cards on Grandparents day, I still can’t warp my head around the fact that what the very essence of what we looked forward to as kids is lost. Don’t pass them of by products of Archies and Hallmark-the Retailers of Emotions, as they are often called, but take it as an opportunity to message a friend you’ve been longing to text, but didn’t know how to begin; grandparents whom you know you don’t call as often as you ought to; or just celebrate love, not hate, in what ever way – like the Pakistan Youth Alliance, who rally to show their love for Pakistan on 14th February.


Celebrities and Cyber Space


Blogging for most is a momentary respite from everyday drudgery, a virtual escape, a fleeting interlude. But in just my first week of blogging, I have come to realize that regularity isn’t easy, and making it an everyday affair- Well, possible but highly improbable.

Celebrity blogs and tweets albeit take us as close to them as can possibly be, yet are so distant from reality. While blogging for some last for the brief while conveniently coinciding with their promotional activities (read Salman Khan); others seem suspiciously regular (and well worded) despite their supposed hectic schedule.

While I may cynically hammer away my skepticism, I cannot deny being *mildly* intrigued and regularly *stumbling* upon a few: